Gifts That Give

This Christmas we’re thinking about gifts that give in more ways than one. We all want our loved ones to appreciate the presents we give them this festive season, and of course at Rainbow Turtle our real focus is on how our purchases help those who produce them, but we are also concerned with protecting the world that we live in.

Gifts That Give - to the environment - to the producers - to your loved ones

The fair trade movement has for many years been interested in the welfare of our planet. One of the World Fair Trade Organization’s ten principles is ‘Respect for the Environment’ and they encourage their member producers to use sustainably managed raw materials and, where possible, to use renewable energy sources and to ship their goods by sea. The Fairtrade Foundation also has this focus, and provides their producers with guidance on how to lessen their environmental impact.

That’s why this Christmas we’ve designed our window display to reflect all the many ways you can incorporate ethically produced goods into your celebrations. From wreaths made out of recycled saris to angels for the tree that were once glass alcohol bottles to more practical items like eco-friendly firelighters and sustainable bamboo travel mugs – Rainbow Turtle is the place to shop this Christmas. Support us, the producers, and the environment by buying gifts that give.

You can also support Rainbow Turtle this Christmas by voting for us in Paisley First’s Best Dressed Christmas Window competition – although they seem to have forgotten to capture our special Christmas window! We’ve put a lot of effort into our ethical and sustainable festive display so we would really love if you could vote for it even though it isn’t shown on the Paisley First website.

Merry Christmas!